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July 6, 2017 
(4 pm)
July 9, 2017 
(7 pm)

  AFOL Exhibitor

Priced per person


Each paid exhibitor... 

  1. Earns "Karma" towards LEGO prizes in draws & other perks
  2. Has access to presentations & guest speakers
  3. Has access all events & activities on the schedule
  4. Has space to display your custom models (please do not bring sets unless approved.)
  5. Is eligible to enter the games & contests
  6. Will receive a ticket for the guest of their choice for a private viewing of the display
  7. Will receive an exclusive keepsake & program guide
    (Procrastinators - If you register within 14 days of the first day of the event, your late registration does not include event bag or nor will your name be in the program)
  8. Every person needs their own registration! This includes partners, spouses and children that will attend during any of the private event time with you aside from the friends and family tour.
  9. Has the best hobby in the entire world, but we may be biassed. 

If you are visiting us on Saturday or Sunday for the Public Expo you do not need to register for the event. 
Pre-sale Public LEGO Expo tickets available here.

How do I sign up to be an exhibitor?

  1. Be familiar with our house rules and terms of service.  
  2. Join our site here
  3. Authenticate your email before trying to register for the event.
  4. Then click here to purchase your AFOL/Exhibitor Registration.  
    (Only those paid in full are registered for the event.)

After you have paid...

Don't forget to book your hotel room, if you need one. (LINK available on the "Venue" page!)

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Start building something awesome!

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We can't wait to see you and what you have built!

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